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5 Exciting And Fun Things To Do Before Moving

5 Exciting And Fun Things To Do Before Moving

Even when you’re moving into your dream house, the actual moving process can be grueling and emotional. The months before a move are busy, even when you hire professional movers and are super organized. While moving can be stressful, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun to make the process a bit easier. If you need a break, the following activities can help refresh your batteries so you can get back to moving with gusto.

Throw a Party

Whether you’re moving to a new city or a new state, organizing a going away party can be a nice distraction from all the packing and planning. Sure, it’s not particularly fun to say goodbye to good friends and neighbors, but a party is a great opportunity to see everyone in one place and spend time with the people who matter.

You don’t need additional stress during your move, so plan to make this party very informal. Reach out to your closest friends and neighbors and have a laid-back get together on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Make sure you have some drinks and snacks, but you can also ask guests to bring something as well. At the end of the party, make sure you exchange your new contact information. Heck, you can even mix business with pleasure and have the moving-away part after your friends have helped you pack for the day. If you’re hiring movers, you can encourage your guests to take some items that you don’t plan on bringing with you.

Visit Your New and Old Places

Unless you really hated your area, chances are there are a few spots in town that you love. Maybe it’s a cozy diner, a small museum, or a quiet green area in a park. Wherever it is, take some time out of your hectic moving plans to enjoy your neighborhood for the last time. Don’t rush yourself either! Take your time and truly relish the experience. That might mean clearing up a day or two in your busy moving schedule, but it will be worth it!

If your schedules align, take one or two friends on a greatest hits ‘tour’ and visit your favorite places. You could even take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of your old haunts. If that’s not your style, why not be a tourist in your town for the day? If you live somewhere like NYC, chances are you probably avoid tourist locations like the plague. Now is the time to take in all the attractions and enjoy them! It’s a great way to recharge your battery for the tough relocation ahead.

Capture Your Memories

Leaving your old home can be an emotional experience, especially if you have a lot of good memories in it. It’s hard on everyone, but doubly so for children as they have come to associate the house with comfort, love, and warmth. Fortunately, your upcoming move doesn’t have to be a somber affair as long as you believe your new home will be even better.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to forget all about your old house. If anything, to make the transition easier, you should capture some memories before you leave. Maybe that means making a farewell video where each member of the family tells their favorite story or memory linked to a particular room. Avoid scripted takes as you want authenticity!

If you’re not into video, take some time to take some pictures as you move out. Later on, you can arrange these pictures, along with others you have taken during your stay at your old house, into a photo album. If you have kids, let them contribute to the album as well so everyone will have fond memories to look back on.

Speaking of memories, if you can bring a memento from your old place to your new one. This might be a bit harder if you live in a rental as you could be charged for not leaving the apartment in good condition. Choose something that is meaningful and either add it to the photo album/scrapbook or add it to your new home. This way, every time you look at the memento, you’ll be reminded of good memories.

Reward Yourself

If you hire trustworthy movers, hopefully your residential move will be perfect from start to finish. Many people will wait until after the move to treat themselves, but there’s no rule saying you can’t take a much needed pre-move break. In fact, it’s a great way to keep your motivation high, especially during the height of moving.

It might be tempting to try and push through all the tedious packing and organizing, but take some time to relax. Maybe that means catching a movie with some friends, going out for romantic dinner with your significant other, or attending a concert. If you’re moving alone, it could be as simple as taking a luxurious bath or relaxing in bed watching your favorite show. Whatever it is, you want to choose an activity that will recharge your batteries. The point is to do something you love and enjoy. You’ll be less stressed the next day and you might even be able to get everything done faster by taking a break.

Create a Floor Plan

When moving into a new place, you have the opportunity to truly transform it into the home of your dreams. Sure, there might be some limitations, especially if you decide to move into an apartment. However, there are still plenty of ways you can unleash your creativity and create a cozy dwelling that reflects your personality while also guaranteeing maximum comfort. And you can start planning all of this out before you even move! In fact, you should create a floor plan before you move, that way you can avoid costly mistakes such as:

  • Incorrect furniture size – there’s no point in spending money moving heavy furniture if it won’t fit in your new home. A detailed floor plan will tell you which pieces you can keep and which ones you can donate or throw away.
  • Poor furniture placement – you’ll have to know the exact dimensions of your house and furniture for this, but it’s well worth the effort as you can figure out where to place each item to maximize open areas and traffic flow
  • Rearranging furniture after move in – why spend time rearranging furniture after you move in when you can simply have the movers place items exactly where you want it? With a floor plan, you can tell the movers exactly where you want each item to go. Not only does this save you time, it also reduces the chances of you or loved ones getting injured because you’re trying to move heavy items.

In order for the floor plan to work as intended, you need exact measurements of everything. Make sure to include quirky wall layouts such as round sections or slanted walls. Also make sure to note the location of all windows, doors, and doorways as you don’t want to block any of these areas with furniture. While you’re at it, you should also look for the location of electric outlets, ceiling lights, and heating vents on your floor plan. When you have all the information, draw the rooms to scale. It usually works best when you use graph paper and represent one foot with two squares on the graph paper.

Once that’s done, measure all of your furniture and decide which ones you want to move into your new home and see whether they will fit. Draw the outlines of your furniture onto another piece of graph paper using the same scaling method as you did for the actual house/apartment. From there, cut the furniture shapes from the paper and start arranging on your floor plan. Pay special attention to the flow of traffic and how you can break up a large room into different ‘sections.’ Sure, you can always rearrange furniture later on, but a good floor plan can save you time and reduce unnecessary stress. Plus, you can keep the plan for future use if you ever replace your old furniture.


The moving process can be grueling and stress-full, but these tips can hopefully help make it a little more bearable. Another great way to reduce stress is to hire professional movers who can help load and unload your belongings and even arrange your furniture based on your specifications. Working with the pros means you don’t have to worry about broken items or injuries. And that’s a great way to start a new chapter in your life!


Will movers assemble/disassemble items?

Many professional movers will do some basic assembly and disassembly (removing legs from tables, etc) but it’s always better to do it yourself as movers will charge extra. Most movers will not disassemble things like Murphy Beds and will not assemble cribs or other items due to potential safety issues.

How do I make a move easier for children?

Children dislike change and moving is a huge change! Besides following the above steps, you can also make it easier for them by:

  • Involving them in the process
  • Letting them map out their new room
  • Making it a fun adventure
  • Giving them plenty of time to say goodbye to their old house and neighborhood

What do I do if I have to move out immediately?

If you don’t have any time to prepare for your move, you should definitely hire professional movers to make the process easier. If possible, you should still pack everything yourself as it will save you a lot of money. However, many moving companies provide full-service moving, which includes packing. If you don’t have a new place yet, you can also ask the moving company if they offer storage. Many will offer reasonable rates for secure storage and will deliver everything to their facilities until you find a new place.


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  • NJ Great Movers

    NJ Great Movers, spearheaded by a dedicated team of experts, is revolutionizing the moving industry. As the driving force behind this venture, our commitment to excellence is evident in every relocation we handle. With a wealth of experience, we've earned a reputation for seamless transitions and impeccable service. Trust us to make your move memorable, as we redefine the standards of excellence in the world of moving and logistics.

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